Arrival in Tuscan and Start of a Cook's Tour

Saturday, April 29

Today week took the train from Rome to Chuisi which is in Tuscany where we are meeting up with our group for the week. The culinary journey begins here…. We arrived at our villa La Bodoile in Vialiano through the Vineyard laden hills and were greeted by our host and chef Roby Farrow and her husband George. I must say it reminded a lot of that scene in the movie under the Tuscan sun when Diane Lane first sees the name of the villa on the sign on the brick wall outside the gate. The villa is absolutely beautiful and the views are spectacular.
Our view!

Not a bad view! City of Valiano in the distance.

Our Verenda
A bowl of wonderful lentil and bean and vegetable soup was waiting for us along with a little wine and homemade cookies, just the start you can be assured.  Introductions commenced as the group continued to arrive followed by touring of the grounds, room assignments, and settling in. We all had a little free time to unwind from the trip, unpack, sit a while and enjoy the view before the group toast and some beautifully prepared antipasti. In the background the wood fired oven (forno) was being prepped for the wood fired Pizzas for this evenings meal. You can only image the aroma and the ambience.
Cheers! from Steve

The Group making introductions!

Here's Norman!

Arlene and Marsha

Just chilling! Norman, George, Michael, Steve

The second course of appetizers came, fried zucchini blossoms, they so we’re delicious. Followed by the most amazing wood fired Pizzas prepared by our villa caretaker Marianna. We learned so much about pizza ovens (forno)from how to stack the wood properly , how to move the embers around, to the proper color of the walls once it’s reached the proper temp ,about 750 degrees. I must say the worried look did come across Steve’s face for a moment about the prospect of me wanting one of these special outdoor ovens. I must admit it is a thought! 

The Embers are just right

Rory and our Pizza makers

A wonderful evening was had by all, the food, our new friends, this beautiful place, capped off by a beautiful sunset. It’s going to be a great week!


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