Day at La Bodiole and Cooking Class with Rory

Monday May 1

Steve and I took advantage of the free morning and walked from the villa into the town of Valiano which was about 2 miles away.  Such an easy walk when it's scenery like this. The landscape is classic Tuscany with its' cultivated fields, vineyards, meadows, and woodlands.  In the distance you can make out the medical hill-towns that were nearby all intriguing and waiting for us to explore.  Today it's Valiano.
View of local winery on our way to Valiano

We followed the brick laden alleys through the town enticing us to explore more at every turn.  It was like time was standing still in this village.  The streets were so narrow, more like paths and no room for a car to go through.  Everyone seemed to know each other and gave us an extra glance as we walked through their streets but all friendly and did not hesitate to greet us with a Buongiorno! Don't plan on any souvenir or major shopping here as there is just a small cafe, a small market, and the town meeting place the Valiano Pharmacy.

In the afternoon we had an amazing Tuscan cooking class using our outdoor wood oven " forno".  The menu was oven roasted Tuscan Pork, Polenta with Spinach, Roasted asparagus and Roasted Pears with Lemon Mascarpone.

Michael getting some one on one time with Chef Rory

Rory teaching about the forno oven

Tuscan Pork cooked in Wood fired oven

A toast to a wonderful day of cooking, laughter, and pleasing our palates!
All beautifully cooked in the outdoor wood fired oven.  Everything was Yummy!  Such a delightful way to spend the afternoon and evening.  Great food, a little regional wine, and wonderful new friends.


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